Software Development

FatCat SoftWorks is a software development house founded by former directors of one of the UK’s leading independent providers of pay-to-play, touch-screen entertainment terminals. We are a development company whose team have a background in land based gaming and a huge reservoir of experience in making great games for different markets on various platforms.

 innovationThe development team at FatCat have been involved with many innovative products and we fully believe innovation is not only about technology, but is also about understanding and exploring customer and user needs. It must occur at every stage of a software or game development and release cycle. Innovation remains priority in FatCat’s business philosophy.

 developmentWe pride ourselves in our expertise in leading technologies including C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Flash, HTML5 and many others. We also understand the importance of flexibility, our experience has taught us things change as the creative process unfolds.

 managementOur primary objective when offering a software management service is to continue on from the development process with a seamless, tailored support package. This ensures our clients that any amendments or improvements can be completed quickly and cost effectively.