FatCat Retro Arcade

FatCat Retro Arcade

Do you remember those days you spent in your local arcade in your younger years, playing on iconic Arcade titles?

Retro Arcade is something new and exciting which can allow you to utilize your off site stock and give your
Paragons TT/ TT 09 more than just a makeover.

  • Built in the robust Paragon TT or TT 09 cabinets
  • Stunning Acrylic Cabinet Graphics
  • Fitted with a brand new PC and includes a new motherboard, memory and solid state hard drive.
  • Features 3 Fantastic Games
  • All games can be played by 1 or 2 players
  • Adjustable Price Of Play
  • Manager/Operator Re-settable High Score Tables
  • Retro arcade appeal to older generation and youngsters alike
  • Retro Arcade is an Entertainment only machine and can be sited anywhere with no MGD requirement!