FatCat £100 Casino NV11

FatCat £100 Casino NV11

  • NEW 2018 £100 Casino Menu
  • Fitted With NV11 Note Recycler
  • Simple Update For The Games Warehouse Paragon TT
  • Simple Update For The Entnet Connect Paragon TT
  • 25 AWP, SWP & Tournament Games
  • New Updates In Development Through 2019
  • Low Cost Decal Kits Available With Machine Topper
  • Full Product Support
  • High Earning, Low Cost Video AWP

The FatCat £100 Casino NV11 is a high earning, low cost Video AWP solution for any ParagonTT  featuring 25 top VAWP, SWP & Tournament titles.

The inclusion of the NV11 makes operating even easier and removes concerns about hopper starvation.

£100 Casino AWP Menu1

The New £100 Casino 2018 VAWP Menu including 25 Great Games

£100 Cat C Games
• Pocket Money
• Jackpot Cash Shots
• Cashablanca Roulette
• Jackpot Cash Drop
• Jackpot Poker
• Twingo

SWP Games

True or False Games
• Golden Boot Ultimate
• Balls Of Steel
• Pub Quiz Knock-Out
• Bakers Dozen
• Take Your Pick
• Return Of the Dirty Dozen

Skill & Puzzle
• World Of Sport Quiz 2018
• Great Escape 2
• True Skill Deluxe (Bingo)
• World Masters PRO 2018
• Candy Castles
• Believe It Or Not

• 1966 It’s Coming Home
• Pub Quiz Fortunes
• Pop the Question
• Pirate Ships 2
• Over The Brink
• Monsters Of Rock

• Tournament Tribal Towers

All Category C games can be disabled via the Test Menu. This completely removes all gambling games and themes from the menu.

With an exclusive NEW games and a unique mix of favourites like “Pocket Money” ,”Jackpot Cash Shots”, and “Jackpot Poker” along with other unique AWP & SWP content in development, “FatCat £100 Casino” is designed to attract both existing & NEW players to the Video AWP & SWP market.