FatCat HotWire

Hotwire 2017 Attract

FatCat Hotwire

The FatCat HotWire game platform is designed with the operator in mind with many unique features which save the operator both time and money. The recovery console feature which can be accessed by the service engineer, automatically re-installs any faulty software elements. This eradicates the need to initiate the traditional ‘advance replacement’ process required for a faulty PC unit dramatically reducing service costs, engineer visits and machine downtime.

Features Include:

  • Unique “Recovery Console” Software
  • Configurable FatCat Branded Multi Game Menu
  • Over 30 SWP Titles Available
  • New SWP Titles in Development for 2018
  • Available for ALL Paragon Cabinets
  • NO Gaming Machine Operating Licence Required!

The FatCat HotWire game platform is fully configurable based on your preferences or needs. The standard FatCat 2017 Menu configuration consists of 18 top SWP titles covering Q&A, Puzzle and Skill.

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Multi-Game Menu including 18 Great Games

• World Of Sport Quiz
• Classic Pub Quiz
• Tribal Towers
• Pop the Question
• Over The Brink
• Golden Boot Ultimate
• Monsters Of Rock
• Return Of the Dirty Dozen
• Balls Of Steel
• Legends Of Darts 2017
• Believe It Or Not
• Pirate Ships 2
• Pub Quiz Knock-Out
• True Skill Deluxe
• Bakers Dozen
• 1966 It’s Coming Home
• Take Your Pick
• The Great Escape 2

With an exclusive & unique mix of favourites like “Classic Pub Quiz”, “World Of Sport Quiz” and “Tribal Towers” along with other unique content in development, “FatCat Hotwire” is designed to attract both existing & NEW players to the SWP market.

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