FatCat O·P·E·N

FatCat O·P·E·N

  • NEW 2017 Menu
  • Simple DVD Update For ANY O·P·E·N Terminal
  • Multi Game Platform
  • Over 30 SWP Games Available
  • Available on ANY O·P·E·N Terminal
  • NO Gaming Machine Operating Licence Required!

The FatCat O·P·E·N game platform is based on the original and ever popular O·P·E·N platform. The FatCat O·P·E·N consists of 20 top SWP titles covering Q&A, True or False, Puzzle and Skill.

O.P.E.N 2017 Attract

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The New 2016 Multi-Game Menu including 20 Great Games

• Real Or Not Real
• World Of Sport Quiz 2017
• World Masters PRO 2017
• True Skill Deluxe
• Pub Quiz Fortunes
• Pub Quiz Knock-Out
• Pop the Question 2017
• Take Your Pick
• Big Money Tribal Towers
• Tribal Towers
• Balls Of Steel
• 1966 It’s Coming Home
• Over The Brink
• Golden Boot Ultimate
• Return Of the Dirty Dozen
• Monsters Of Rock
• Pirate Ships 2
• Bakers Dozen
• Great Escape 2
• Open The Box

With an exclusive NEW games and a unique mix of favourites like “True Skill Deluxe”, “World Of Sport Quiz” and “Tribal Towers” along with other unique content in development, “FatCat O•P•E•N” is designed to attract both existing & NEW players to the SWP market.